michal001_largeMichal Meron was born in Haifa, Israel and received her education and training at the Tel Hai Art College, as well as studying in Vienna, Austria. An internationally acclaimed artist, Michal’s work is exhibited in Jewish museums, synagogues and public and private galleries around the world. The Meron TORAH OF MANY COLORS is a gift to the children of our shul, graciously underwritten by Marsha and Michael Lev, and we offer you the opportunity to dedicate this treasure in honor of your children or in tribute to your parents and other loved ones.

The Five Books of Moses $18,000

Dedicating one of the Five Books of Moses is an enormous merit (z’chut) for your family. In addition to the spiritual reward you receive, your name will be engraved on the elegant plaque on permanent display next to this Torah in our lobby. Your generosity will also be acknowledged in our quarterly magazine, The Shofar. The piece de resistance is a full-size, beautifully framed canvas reproduction of any page of this Torah you choose. This limited edition print measures approximately 18” x 13” and makes an impressive addition to your personal art collection. A framed Meron is a magnificent gift to pass on to those you have honored with your contribution to the Torah.

Parasha $1,800

Dedicating a parasha is a wonderful opportunity for adult children and cousins to contribute together toward an honor for their parents’ and grandparents’ wedding anniversaries and milestone birthdays. This is also a meaningful way to commemorate the birth, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or wedding of a child or grandchild. You (or your honoree) will receive a full-sized canvas print of the parasha you dedicate. Suitable for framing, this limited edition piece is an impressive addition to your art collection or an exquisite gift to accompany the spiritual honor you have given your loved one. Your generous gift will be acknowledged in The Shofar and gratefully remembered each year on the dedication sign as our community turns the Torah scroll again and again to the Parasha you have sponsored.

Torah Panel $540

Dedicate one illustrated panel of this Torah and you contribute to the education and continuity of our community while bestowing honor on someone of great importance to you. Perfect for a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift, you may choose to dedicate a panel of The Torah of Many Colors that relates to your honoree (such as Rebecca at the well, Rachael’s wedding, Jacob blessing his grandchildren) or that depicts a particularly meaningful episode of Jewish history (the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the 10 Commandments). We will also publicize your donation with a mention in our quarterly magazine, The Shofar, and send both you and your honoree an elegant certificate, suitable for framing, that beautifully acknowledges this important gift.

Torah Verse $180

The Torah speaks to all of us. Is there a particular verse you feel is “yours” or that you wish to pass along to your spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, or friend? For just $180, you can dedicate a verse in our Torah of Many Colors and we will send your honoree that verse on a gorgeously illustrated keepsake note card, explaining the significance of your gift. Your donation will be acknowledged in The Shofar.

D’var Torah $36

Each word (d’var) of the Torah is holy. Dedicating a word of Torah is a meaningful hostess, birthday or teacher gift and makes the ideal holiday gift for non-Jewish friends of faith, who will be moved by the significance of you having dedicated a word of Torah in their honor. D’var Torah of Many Color cards are available for purchase here. Your generosity in purchasing these cards will be acknowledged by a listing in The Shofar.

To honor someone through sponsorship of our TORAH OF MANY COLORS, please click here or call the shul office at (214) 361-6606.