Torah of Many Colors

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    Each word (d’var) of the Torah is holy. Dedicating a word of Torah is a meaningful hostess, birthday or teacher gift and makes the ideal holiday gift for non-Jewish friends of faith, who will be moved by the significance of you having dedicated a word of Torah in their honor.

    D’var Torah of Many Colors greeting and occasion cards are available for purchase here. Your generosity in purchasing these cards will be acknowledged by a listing in The Shofar.
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    The Torah speaks to all of us. Is there a particular verse you feel is “yours” or that you wish to pass along to your spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, or friend? For just $180, you can dedicate a verse in our Torah of Many Colors and we will send your honoree that verse on a gorgeously illustrated keepsake note card, explaining the significance of your gift. Your donation will be acknowledged in The Shofar.
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    Dedicate one illustrated panel of this Torah and you contribute to the education and continuity of our community while bestowing honor on someone of great importance to you. Perfect for a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift, you may choose to dedicate a panel of The Torah of Many Colors that relates to your honoree (such as Rebecca at the well, Rachael’s wedding, Jacob blessing his grandchildren) or that depicts a particularly meaningful episode of Jewish history (the exodus from Egypt, the giving of the 10 Commandments). We will also publicize your donation with a mention in our quarterly magazine, The Shofar, and send both you and your honoree an elegant certificate, suitable for framing, that beautifully acknowledges this important gift.
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