Reflections compiled by Rabbi Shira Wallach

Karina Zilberman’s visit to Dallas sparked important conversations. Through many different presentations of the Shababa Approach, she helped us think about how we can embrace and celebrate the wonder and connection in each moment. In the March edition of the Shofar, you’ll see several reflections of the weekend; here is a taste! Enjoy and Shabbat shalom.

Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to participate in several Shababa-style services, most of which have been designed for young families. When I reflect on these experiences, I find myself grateful for the moments that have given me an opportunity to connect with my wife and young children and the Jewish ritual we are all experiencing together, like when we do the Shababa-style Shema, or when we all get under my tallis and take a moment to look at each other and tell each other how important we are to one another. And while all of that has been wonderful, what I more clearly understand after partaking in the seminar facilitated by Karina Zilberman is that the Shababa approach is truly a method of thinking about and designing Jewish learning, living, and spiritual experiences that can go far beyond the design of a young family service. Moreover, while the notes that are played and the lyrics that are sung during the family style Shababa service are enjoyable, the Shababa approach is way more than the musical aspect of those services. Rather, I learned that it is possible to engage and experiment with different aspects of the Shababa approach and incorporate those ideas and that style into home rituals, holidays celebrations, and more traditional prayer services, to create spiritual and educational experiences that can be more meaningful, more moving, and more memorable. I look forward to experimenting with some of the ideas that I learned both at home with family and friends as well as at Shul with the greater Shearith community!

–Brad Altman, Family Center Parent and Strategic Plan Co-chair



What a great Ruach-filled, inspirational, and fun weekend with Karina and the community. I have a much better understanding that Shababa is for all ages.

Friday evening’s service helped me focus and spiritually prepare for Shabbat.  The learning session on Shabbat afternoon was filled with song, purposeful, meaningful, and interactive.

Sunday afternoon was just fabulous.  The teachings were filled with songs, camaraderie, and haimishe.  It was a “soul full of fun.”

Thanks for bringing it all together.  Let’s do it again!

–Scott Cobert, Grandparent and Board Member