Kol Rina “A Voice (Shout) of Joy”

Congregation Shearith Israel has its own “Voice of Joy” in its men’s a cappella group, Kol Rina – which means a voice or shout of joy. Those of us who have had experienced their singing at services on Friday night or Shabbat morning know that their voices add joy and energy our worship experience.These volunteers practice each week under the direction of Hazzan Itzhak Zhrebker. It’s obvious that they enjoy singing with one another and take delight in enhancing our services. Be sure to attend one or more services at which Kol Rina participates. If you are interested in joining and becoming part of Kol Rina, please contact Hazzan Zhrebker at CantorZ@shearith.org.

“I love the fact that when we blend together in harmony, we can make a sound that none of us can produce individually.  Working together with everyone else to reach a common goal is a wonderful experience.”
Ron Honig

“It’s much fun, very challenging and a privilege to be taught by the best and kindest Hazzan ever.”
Jay Robinson

“It makes me feel that I can contribute to my community; and of course, I love to sing.”
Jose Orozco

“I participate in Kol Rina because I like to sing Hebrew songs and enjoy Hebrew music; but more so, the fellowship with my fellow Kol Rina members is quite enjoyable and it feels like we’re family.  The Hazzan brings us all together in such a wonderful way.”
Isaac Gian


Schedule 2016-2017

Kol Rina

Signature Series Six13 Concert     April 2, 2017

Kol Rina & Kol Neshamah

Chanukah Shabbat           December 30, 2016

Carlebach Shabbat           January 13, 2017

Shabbat Shirah                  February 11, 2017

Broadway Shabbat           March 24, 2017

Israeli-Themed Shabbat   April 28, 2017 (tentative)

Motown Shabbat              May 12, 2017

Beatles Shabbat                June 9, 2017 (Beit Aryeh)