WFRS-Box-2016The Torah is not just a book to be learned, it is a way of life to be experienced. At Shearith Israel, we want religious school students to experience being Jewish as meaningful, valuable and fun. We take religious education seriously but the result is students who feel that being Jewish is integral to what they love about life and about themselves.

The Weitzman Family Religious School at Congregation Shearith Israel is committed to providing a comprehensive and relevant education to all students and their needs. Curriculum content is being updated, please check back soon!

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Please download the forms and you can register via fax (214)939-7314 or email to You are also welcome to stop by the shul and drop off your forms to Theresa or one of our receptionists at your convenience any time.

For more information on our religious school, contact Sarah Lipinsky at at (214) 939-7348.