For those just beginning and those who want to start again. For spiritual seekers. For interfaith couples. For you. For everyone.

Join our rabbis for a transformative learning experience that will inspire you to embrace every facet of our beloved tradition. Build a relationship with our sacred texts, our sacred moments and our sacred land. Open to anyone — Jew or non-Jew — who wants to deepen his or her Jewish knowledge or explore the possibility of conversion. This year-long course introduces the basics of Jewish thought, practice, holidays and history through lectures, discussions, hands-on experiences, reading and meaningful personal sharing along the way.

$75 per person or $100 per couple, plus books.  Click here to register or call Sarah Katz at (214) 939-7325.

An amazing experience. This is learning that really inspires and challenges you.  C.M.

We created this incredibly warm, safe, and supportive community. We walked in strangers and came out friends for life.  S.G.

Having grown up in a Jewish home, I thought this would all be review. I was so wrong. I learned a ton every single week.  A.H.