Congregation Shearith Israel is a synagogue for life-long learners. We have a wide range of Adult Education opportunities including workshops, year long courses, drop-in classes that meet weekly, guest speakers and more. We have an Adult Education Commission whose mission is to maximize the adult learning opportunities in our community as we strive to provide multiple points of entry into Jewish learning.

Ongoing Adult Education Programs


Tuesdays with Tanakh
1-2:30 PM, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month
Want to deepen your study of our holy texts beyond the Torah? Our sessions this year will focus on intertextuality, examining how texts from different books engage in conversation with one another in order to unearth the deepest questions of faith, covenant, and relationship. While no previous knowledge or Hebrew is required, the discussion is sophisticated. Free

Torah Study
8:30-9:30 AM, Shabbat Morning
Wake up early with us on Shabbat morning and become our newest regular! Join us for coffee, cake and a discussion of the weekly Torah portion. Taught by our rabbis, Torah Study features accessible and lively discussion in a welcoming and friendly setting. Free

Israel, Hebrew and Yiddish Languages

10:30 AM – Noon, 2nd Thursday of the Month
Let Yiddish roll off your tongue with conversation, stories, songs, humor, proverbs and movies. No experience necessary. Enjoyment guaranteed. Taught by Miriam Creemer and Malka Amster. Free

Yiddish Class
10:30 AM to Noon, Tuesdays
Learn to speak Yiddish! Using YIVO characters, we study vocabulary, converse, translate texts and learn grammar. For those who know their aleph-bet.  Taught by Max Spindler. Free

Jewish Practice and Spirituality

Embracing Judaism
7:00-9:00 PM, Tuesdays beginning 11/1/16 – 5/16-17
Perplexed by peoplehood? Talmud got you tongue-tied? Stumped by Shabbat? Kicking to learn about Kashrut? Is Bible making you baffled? Taught by our rabbis, this yearlong course teaches the basics about Jewish thought, practice, holidays and history through lectures, discussions, hands-on experiences, reading and lots of smiles along the way. Open to anyone – Jew or non-Jew – who wants to deepen his or her Jewish knowledge or explore the possibility of conversion. $75 per person or $100 per couple, plus books

1:00 – 3:00 PM, 7 sessions, every other Tuesday
Mussar is a 1000+ year old tradition that combines study of Jewish text (Torah, Talmud, and various rabbinic writings) about middot (soul traits that all humans have) with practices designed to guide us to a more-balanced expression of those traits (humility, anger, gratitude, trust, honor, for example).  The contemplative practices of Mussar guide and empower us to break through the barriers that block the inner light of our souls and realign our lives with the sanctity of that soul. Taught by Roz Katz. $50 plus $100 materials fee


To register for Adult Learning, please e-mail or call Chantal Umana at (214) 939-7325.