We provide every stage of life planning, from baby naming and Bar Mitzvah to weddings and conversion. Perhaps the most difficult life planning is end-of-life planning but it is just as important as the other milestones. Just as always, we are here to help congregants navigate spiritual and practical issues with kindness and sensitivity to individual needs. Please contact our Ritual Director Avi Mitzner to make an appointment to discuss End-of-Life planning.

Following is a concise list of information each individual should prepare as part of their end-of-life plan. Having a binder or a file drawer of these documents is excellent practice for everyone but, at the very least, keep the basic information in a fire-safe location for reference…and, of course, make sure a spouse, child, friend or trusted advisor knows the location of this information and your documents.

Full name
Hebrew name, Hebrew name of father and mother
Date of birth and location of birth certificate
Place of birth
Mother’s maiden name
Social Security number and where card is kept
Location of will, legal advisor’s telephone number
Life insurance agent’s telephone number
Life insurance policy numbers and where policies kept
Location of safe deposit box, key, and who has access
Bank account numbers – checking and savings and where kept
Securities information and where securities kept
Cemetery deed/location
Real estate and how title is held
Military service and where discharge papers kept
Rabbi to be notified
Funeral home choice