Meet-the-GoldbergsHow long have you been members of Shearith?
The Goldberg family has been members of Shearith for over 70 years. Our family personally became members in 2008 following our wedding. Rabbi Gershon has been an important fixture in our family for over 9 years, as he married us and conducted both of our sons’ bris.

What do you like to do for fun?
We are kind of homebodies at the end of the day, we love to be outside in the backyard with our kids and dachshunds (Roux and Marley). Chad is an avid golfer and has enjoyed working closely with the synagogue to put together its annual golf tournament. We also started doing yoga as a couple about a year ago and it’s been really nice to have an activity together where we’re both challenging ourselves to work toward a cohesive goal. Also, Chad is loving the effects on his golf game, all about the core!!

We are most likely to run into you at:
Akiba Academy hauling kids, Tom Thumb (I’m there every other day…), The J or in our fabulous neighborhood at a last minute play date!

Favorite Jewish book/song/artist/app/movie/TV show, etc.
Movies – Schindler’s list, School Ties, The Ten Commandments
Artists – Matisyahu, Adam Levine, Paul Simon, Drake (We like a wide cross section of music!!)
Books – Exodus (Amazing book about the formation of Israel, with several fabulous love stories thrown in), Sotah, The Bronze Horseman

Goldbergs with green umbrellasMy favorite thing about being part of this Jewish community at Shearith is: the extended family that we have throughout our community. For such a relatively small community within such a huge city, the bond that we all share is strong. Almost anywhere you go, you see someone you know from the community and you can talk about life, family, Judaism, sports, business, whatever.


We feel it’s important for young families to be members of a shul because it strengthens our bond within our community and keeps us connected to our roots and our heritage. Judaism survives in part by acknowledging the past and learning about our people’s struggles, so that we can appreciate the lives that we are blessed to have today. The shul offers that learning experience in a number of interactive ways tailored to a wide range of people and their needs. Belonging to a shul continues to strengthen the importance of family which is, to us, the core of being Jewish.