We understand the challenges of merging belief systems and integrating traditions into a cohesive family that functions with one heart. The truth is, while challenges are magnified for interfaith families, these are issues faced in every home. What family has complete alignment on faith, let alone any of their other ideas? We are here to help!

Congregation Shearith Israel welcomes interfaith families while maintaining adherence to Jewish law. We seek to encourage the spiritual growth of the non-Jewish partner and encourage them to participate in Shabbat, Jewish holidays, lifecycle events and the everyday aspects of Judaism with their family, whether or not they convert to Judaism.

We suggest all adults in interfaith families try our Embracing Judaism class for a comfortable introduction to Jewish philosophy, texts, rituals and culture. Embracing Judaism provides more than just information, it offers attendees a social network and a safe place to explore issues with others who may share similar experiences. For more information, contact Rabbi Roffman.