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Turn it, and turn it again 25 years later

by Adam Roffman

Do you remember what your Rabbi said to you on the day you became a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? My guess is, probably not. I sure didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wasn’t listening. I had (have!) a tremendous amount of respect for the now Rabbi Emeritus of our large suburban synagogue […]

Judaism: A Burden, or an Opportunity?

by Julie Carpenter

Sermon—Parashat Bo 5778/January 20, 2018 Judaism: A Burden, or an Opportunity? A Tribute to Rabbi Leonard Cahan, z”l By Rabbi Ari Sunshine In this morning’s parasha we get a heavy dose of Pesach—would you believe it’s only 10 weeks away now?—including a description of the first Pesach in Egypt, as well as the instructions for […]

Finding an Equal Space for Women of Torah

by Julie Carpenter

by Rabbi Shira Wallach As a Conservative Jew, a woman, and a rabbi, I tend to look for spaces in Judaism in which gender doesn’t matter. I seek spaces in which one feels valued for their soul, for their intellect, for their curiosity, for their earnestness. And most of the time, when I can create […]