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Opening our Doors Wide

by Ari Sunshine

Dear Friends, We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.  It’s hard to believe that we are already gearing up for the High Holidays and another packed and exciting year here at Shearith Israel. As we reconvene in these coming days and weeks, we want to share with you a few important changes in our […]

Jerusalem: Heavenly and Earthly

by Ari Sunshine

The Talmud in tractate Ta’anit 5a speaks of “Yerushalayim shel ma’alah” (the heavenly Jerusalem) and “Yerushalayim shel matah” (the lower, or earthly, Jerusalem), when Rabbi Yohanan explains that God won’t enter the heavenly Jerusalem until first entering the earthly Jerusalem.  This teaching from a third century C.E. rabbi is probably one of the first attempts […]

Host an Israeli Scout

by Julie Carpenter

Host families needed for Israeli Scouts from the Tzofim Friendship Caravan. The Scouts will be in Dallas from June 28-July 6. Hosting is a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn about Israel, build long-lasting relationships and have friends to visit when they travel to Israel for their teen tour!Hosts still needed for one girl […]

Celebrating Israel at 70

by Shira Wallach

This morning during Hallel, I chanted one of the psalms to the tune of Shir LaShalom, the hauntingly beautiful melody that simultaneously captures the tragedy of loss and the stubborn optimism that are both central to the Israeli psyche. The lyrics cry out: “Let the sun rise, light up the morning, though the purest prayers […]

Why is Passover eight days long?

by Adam Roffman

We tend to take it for granted that things in Judaism are the way they are for a reason, even if we don’t necessarily know or understand that reason ourselves.  Nevertheless, I find that when it comes to deepening my relationship with my faith, asking myself, “Did it have to be this way?” is so […]

Sharing the Obligation and the Reward

by Adam Roffman

Last Shabbat morning, we welcomed seventeen beautiful souls into our Shearith Israel family at our Tiny Treasures ceremony. It was an interesting coincidence that on the morning we celebrated and welcomed the newest children of our community, we also read the commandment to honor our parents. As a parent myself, this strikes me as an […]

There’s Jewish self-deprecating humor …

by Julie Carpenter

…And there’s Jewish self-deprecating humor. by Rabbi Shira Wallach One kind was broadcast across our country on Saturday Night Live last weekend: Larry David, known for his penchant for shock and his disdain at his religious identity, took a swing at two of the most offensive ideas in our cultural lexicon: sexual harassment and the […]

Finding an Equal Space for Women of Torah

by Julie Carpenter

by Rabbi Shira Wallach As a Conservative Jew, a woman, and a rabbi, I tend to look for spaces in Judaism in which gender doesn’t matter. I seek spaces in which one feels valued for their soul, for their intellect, for their curiosity, for their earnestness. And most of the time, when I can create […]