We have some fascinating Seniors among us, some of whom have called Shearith Israel their spiritual home for as long as 70 years! Our Seniors include Dallas natives, Holocaust survivors, transplants from New York, Israel and the former Soviet Union. They really appreciate a phone call or a visit. Remember, even if you don’t think you have anything to talk about, they have plenty to share and they will be very interested in hearing about your life!

But you don’t have to make conversation if that’s not your thing. Your Senior friend might love going out for coffee with you to just get a change of scene and enjoy people-watching. They may also really appreciate the opportunity to accompany you and your children to the library or the park.  And you can always provide companionship by offering to bring a movie to watch with them. Think of this as a good way to brush up on your film literacy by sharing time with a Senior who enjoys the Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and other classics.

TIP: It’s a huge kindness to ask what they might need from the store on your way over!

TIP: If you are comfortable doing so, you might ask if they need help with anything around the house. Changing a lightbulb or reaching something on a high shelf might be nothing to you but it’s often seriously frustrating for Seniors who would otherwise wait for their children to visit or have to hire a handyman for little jobs you can do with a smile.

To meet a Senior friend and do a huge mitzvah, please contact Theresa Hurt in the rabbinic office.  We’d like to thank you for this chessed (kindness), but we know when you make these wonderful new friends you’ll be calling to thank US!