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Secrets to a Meaningful and Fun Seder

by Shira Wallach

Things I hear this time of year: “I lead our seder, and I’m bored.” “I don’t know how to create a seder for all of the different participants.” “What is there at the seder for the adults? It’s all kiddie stuff!” “How can I get my kids to stay at the table longer than 5 […]

Closing The Distance: Our Confirmation Trip to New Orleans

by Adam Roffman

  Is lack of knowledge a sin?  When we act, or fail to act – out of some form of ignorance – do we bear any responsibility? The book of Leviticus, which we began reading last week, answers unequivocally. Not only should we be held accountable for our behavior, we are also required to bring […]

Reflections on AIPAC Policy Conference 2018

by Ari Sunshine

Last week I returned from three whirlwind days in Washington, D.C., at AIPAC’s 2018 Policy Conference.  For those who have not been to PC (shorthand lingo for “Policy Conference”!) previously, it may be hard to picture the buzz and excitement that comes with attending a conference of 18,000 pro-Israel activists from across America.  The combination […]

Building Sacred Partnerships

by Shira Wallach

On Monday, Rabbi Roffman and I had the great privilege of addressing the middle school students at Levine Academy as part of their exploration of Jewish values and sexuality. This is the second year running that we’ve led conversations about what Judaism tells us about how to approach our relationships with other people—whether romantic or […]