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Reflections on the Chai Mission to Israel

by Ari Sunshine

Afternoon, or night? I write these words with my body not really knowing exactly what time it is, having just returned yesterday from eight days in Israel participating in our Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas’ Chai Mission. This was a wonderful—and whirlwind—trip around Israel, for more than 70 travelers, a group that bonded together nicely. […]

Reflections on the Unlocking Jewish Wonder Summit

by Shira Wallach

Reflections compiled by Rabbi Shira Wallach Karina Zilberman’s visit to Dallas sparked important conversations. Through many different presentations of the Shababa Approach, she helped us think about how we can embrace and celebrate the wonder and connection in each moment. In the March edition of the Shofar, you’ll see several reflections of the weekend; here […]

Sharing the Obligation and the Reward

by Adam Roffman

Last Shabbat morning, we welcomed seventeen beautiful souls into our Shearith Israel family at our Tiny Treasures ceremony. It was an interesting coincidence that on the morning we celebrated and welcomed the newest children of our community, we also read the commandment to honor our parents. As a parent myself, this strikes me as an […]