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Judaism: A Burden, or an Opportunity?

by Julie Carpenter

Sermon—Parashat Bo 5778/January 20, 2018 Judaism: A Burden, or an Opportunity? A Tribute to Rabbi Leonard Cahan, z”l By Rabbi Ari Sunshine In this morning’s parasha we get a heavy dose of Pesach—would you believe it’s only 10 weeks away now?—including a description of the first Pesach in Egypt, as well as the instructions for […]

Judaism is Calling: From Rotary Phones to iPhones, Let’s Talk

by Julie Carpenter

by Marcy Helfand I want to encourage you to attend the Women’s Shabbat (which, by the way, is not just for women) on Friday, January 26. If you’ve seen the announcement in the Congregation Shearith Israel eblast or the SISterhood eblast, you know that the title is “Judaism is Calling: From Rotary Phones to iPhones, […]

Unlocking Jewish Wonder Summit

by Shira Wallach

by Rabbi Shira Wallach Greetings from the Pearlstone Center! This week, Rabbis Sunshine, Roffman, and I are attending the Rabbinic Training Institute (RTI), an annual conference for Conservative rabbis to connect, learn, and support one another. We can’t wait to come home and tell you all about it!  I’m writing to let you know of […]

“I Felt My Legs Were Praying”

by Ari Sunshine

by Rabbi Ari Sunshine Tonight begins the 18th of the month of Tevet in the Jewish calendar, which happens to mark the 45th yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, z”l, one of the great theologians of modern Jewish history. Heschel was trained as a scholar in Germany and raised in a Chasidic environment in Warsaw […]

The fun of turning students into Mah Jongg players…

by Gail Mizrahi

by Gail Mizrahi As the immediate Past President of Congregation Shearith Israel in Dallas, I realized an opportunity for our multi-generational community to intermingle and enjoy each other’s company. By learning something challenging and unpredictable together, what better idea was there to reach across the generations than with the game of Mah Jongg…right? I kept hearing that […]