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Building Community through Shorashim

by Julie Carpenter

by Sarah Lipinsky The Torah teaches us that caring for animals is very important in Judaism. In fact, we are commanded to feed our pets before we feed ourselves. Our youth group, Shorashim, took part in a mitzvah project for Operation Kindness. Operation Kindness cares for homeless cats and dogs in a no-kill environment until […]

Reclaiming the Custom of Chanukah Gelt

by Julie Carpenter

By Rabbi Ari Sunshine The month of December is a particularly festive month. From bright lights decorating homes and streets, to holiday parties, huge storewide sales, and familiar songs emanating from radios and sound systems everywhere, the impact of the holiday of Christmas on our society is readily apparent to even the most casual observer. […]

Family Shabbat Retreat

by Julie Carpenter

By Rabbi Shira Wallach Shabbat teaches us to create a palace in time; each week, once we tend to the required creation and work, we are rewarded with a whole day to celebrate, renew, and rest. But how often do our weekends allow us to access this ideal? Sometimes, it becomes necessary to build additional […]