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Two Days In November

by Julie Carpenter

by Rabbi Adam Roffman Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the passage of United Nations Resolution 181, recommending the establishment of two independent states, one Jewish and one Arab, at the conclusion of the British Mandate in Palestine. In our collective Jewish memories, the 29th of November, 1947 was a day of profound euphoria and […]

A “Not Just December” Dilemma

by Julie Carpenter

by Rabbi Adam Roffman A couple  weeks ago, I was watching TV with Shira when I saw my first “Happy Holidays” commercial of the season.  And, as is usually the case, I turned to her and said, “already?” I looked down at my watch and read the date.  November 1st.  “Of course,” I thought to […]

There’s Jewish self-deprecating humor …

by Julie Carpenter

…And there’s Jewish self-deprecating humor. by Rabbi Shira Wallach One kind was broadcast across our country on Saturday Night Live last weekend: Larry David, known for his penchant for shock and his disdain at his religious identity, took a swing at two of the most offensive ideas in our cultural lexicon: sexual harassment and the […]